Spring-Proof Your Allergies

pink flowrsSpringtime has finally arrived which means a change in the weather, a change in wardrobe and a sudden attack of those annoying allergies for many. The itchy eyes and runny nose season is upon us, but you don’t have to be in misery when the land begins to bloom. Here are tips for how you can manage your allergies during the spring season.

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Find a Great Antihistamine

Antihistamines are medications that help to block the irritants that make your sinuses feel icky, so finding the right dosage and brand for you can help you manage the sniffles and stuffiness associated with the spring change.  There are several over-the-counter brands that are great and come in both drowsy and non-drowsy formulas. If you need a stronger dosage than what is offered at the drugstore, you can also get a prescription from your physician.  If you are opposed to taking pills, there are also teas that you can drink made from histamine blockers such as ginger, guava and white tea.

Take Medications At the Beginning of the Day

As the day rolls on and things begin to warm up and become more alive, pollens and different allergens begin to make their way into the air and cause watery, itchy eyes and noses. Taking antihistamines in the beginning of the day will help to create a block and barrier for your body before heading out into the elements to live out your day. Think of it as putting on a suit of armor to protect you from harm. You can go through the day feeling amazing and take another in the middle of the day in order to keep the block in place.

Avoid High Pollen Areas

Certain areas in nature have higher amounts of pollen and allergens than others such as forests, fields with lots of grass, areas where there are a great number of pollinating trees or flowers, areas of freshly cut grass and so onAvoiding these areas during times of the day when large amounts of pollen are produced and put into the air will help you keep those sinuses in check.

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Dust Your Home and “Spring Clean”

Houses, interior spaces and vehicles can accumulate dust from environmental debris, so it is highly important during the spring season to dust often to keep your interior spaces clear of dust. Pollen has a way of traveling with us on our clothes, in our hair and with the wind and we bring those irritants into our personal spaces. Keeping disposable wipes around to clean away the dust or a spray bottle and rag are a great way to keep the dust from flying back into the air.

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