5 Surprising Headache Triggers

A woman with a headache touching her foreheadMost of the time, headaches happen for obvious reasons like stress or being around loud noises, but what about those headaches that seem to sneak up on you out of nowhere? Well, here’s a few reasons for those mystery headaches and what you can do about them.

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1. Jumping straight into your workout: Warming up before your workout doesn’t just help to protect your muscles, it also gives your brain an opportunity to adjust to rising adrenaline levels. Avoid headaches by taking a short five or 10 minutes to stretch or walk before doing more intense exercise.

2. You have the day off:  Who doesn’t love sleeping in late on a Saturday or having a three-day weekend? It feels good, but the change in routine could cause headaches. This is especially common if your body is accustomed to getting a caffeine jolt every morning and you disturb that groove. Even on your down time, try to keep your sleep schedule as close to normal to feel more rested and in your right mind.