#TakeNoteTuesday How To Be A Successful Introvert

It’s no secret that our world shines the brightest spotlight on those who actively seek after it: the performers, the athletic competitors, the politicians, and the list goes on. It’s up to the “introverted” individuals to either wait to be discovered or continue to only dream about their ideal careers or truly connecting with their outgoing friends. Thankfully, the internet and life have an answer for everything and there are a few helpful tips for the introvert who wants to succeed in an extrovert’s world. Here a few of my favorites:

Embrace your alter ego

Do you remember having an imaginary friend as a child? That figment of our imagination was someone we turned to and even blamed in times of trouble. Someone we created in our heads who was actually just a projection of a piece of our own buried persona. How easy it was to communicate the needs and desires for invisible friends, maybe way easier than doing the same for ourselves even now.

As an introvert, maybe it’s time to adopt a similar principle from our childhood: the grown-up version of an imaginary friend, the alter ego. A lot of the world’s favs have one. Ever heard of Beyoncé? How about Sasha Fierce? Mariah Carey has Mimi, Janet Jackson becomes Damita Jo, and the list goes on. Becoming these other, most times more outgoing, versions of themselves is how those stars have pushed their limits and performances throughout their careers. I believe we already have all of the confidence we need inside of us, it just may come from a part of us we’ve yet to meet.

The Four P’s

The “Four Ps”, made famous by Girl Boss Jennifer Kahnweiler, stands for preparation, presence, pushing and practice.
First up is Preparation. Prepare yourself, whichever self you choose, for the potential situations that make your introverted insides want to scream. Make a plan of action on