Top Blacks In Healthcare 2014: Dr. Samuel L. Ross

Dr. Samuel L. RossSamuel L. Ross, M.D., known for his commitment to quality healthcare, is the Chief Executive Officer of Bon Secours  Baltimore Health System. As a physician and health care leader, Dr. Ross manages the hospital and a variety of community outreach efforts including affordable housing for seniors and families, job readiness, GED programs and green initiatives.

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Along with his responsibilities as CEO of Bon Secours Baltimore, Dr. Ross also has an expanded role within Bon Secours Health System where he is the “Market Leader” for Bon Secours Kentucky.

As a young man growing up in Texas, Dr. Ross says he wanted to be “the black Marcus Welby,” a family physician who returned to his hometown and found great success, just like the ‘70s TV doctor portrayed by Robert Young. He did become a family practitioner like Marcus Welby, but Dr. Ross accomplished in reality what Welby never achieved in fiction. His success can be attributed to his philosophy. Like so many successful people, he believes nothing worth doing is easy, and one should never give up.