WARNING: Woman Brutally Assaulted From Date She Met On Instagram

Social media is one of the most common places people meet and date online. Many young people don’t even ask for phone numbers anymore, they ask for the woman’s instagram to connect with her instead.

Such was the case for 32-year-old model India Ali. A handsome young stranger, James Baker, 27, had found her on Instagram and started communicating privately before deciding to set up a date with him.

They went out to eat and drink, but then after that, everything went downhill.

It all came to light the terrifying moment when she woke up naked and bloody in a pool of her own vomit.

“I lifted up my head and saw all the throw-up. My face was laying in it on the floor,” the Los Angeles mother of two told the Daily News Wednesday.

“I got up and looked on the bed. There was blood everywhere. I made my way to the bathroom and saw bloody towels on the floor,” she recalled.

Then she looked in the mirror.

(Photo credit: Los Angeles District Attorney)

“That’s when I saw how beat up I was. It was like I was in a dream, like a nightmare actually. It was a numb, heavy feeling in my head. I was so dazed,” she recalled.

“I thought what if they come back and see I’m alive and really try to kill me? I felt they left me for dead but by the good grace of God I woke up,” Ali told KTLA.

She grabbed her purse but couldn’t find her car keys or phone inside. That’s right, not only was she beaten, and assaulted, her car was also stolen. Th when she called 911.

Ali said she drank too much and has only fuzzy memories of leaving the restaurant. She doesn’t recall how they ended up back at the Westin hotel near LAX. She only remembers very little.

“I remember standing up in the hotel and he was choking me,” she said Wednesday.

Ali spent a week in the intensive care unit, Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Berger said.

“The amount of blows she received caused her brain to basically twist in her skull, causing veins that connect her brain to shear,” Berger told The News. “She was bleeding through her ears, mouth and nose because of the blood building up inside her brain.”

When a person is hit that hard in the head, their brain swells to counteract the blows, but there’s only so much room the skull has, so then thats when the blood starts to move elsewhere to get out. Such is the case with Ali

Berger said police were able to track Ali’s cell phone and found Baker with her stolen car at a nearby Courtyard hotel.

(Man awaiting sentencing)

He was convicted of felony assault in April and faces a maximum of 10 years and four months in prison when he is sentenced on June 5th, Berger said.

Ali said the the ordeal has left her feeling depressed and drained. But she is grateful she didn’t die and wants others to be careful about dates with strangers they meet online.

“I don’t want anybody else to go through anything like this. I’m trying to put the word out for…