Wayne Brady: “Every Year After 45 is a Win for Me”

Multi-talented actor, host and comedian Wayne Brady has made audiences laugh for years on shows like “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” “Let’s Make A Deal” and Dave Chappelle’s “Chapelle’s Show”. But he never imagined that he would be doing this. As a matter of fact, he never thought he’d live long enough to even see this age.

“Every day after the age of 45 is a win for me,” Brady says in an Instagram video. “Because my father passed away at the age of 45 and I lived in fear for years that I would die when I reached 45. So when I open my eyes–when the Lord lets–and I’m 48, that’s another year that I’m grateful for and I’m grateful in the midst of all this.”

“I’m so grateful to be 48 with a beautiful daughter and an incredible best friend, and a life that I never even imagined I might have” confesses Brady.