6 BIZARRE Beauty Tips…That Work

Ever tried using kitty litter or beer in your beauty regimen? You just might after reading this! The experts spill the beans on some of the most surprising celebrity beauty tips.

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Lip balm as a glistening highlighter around your eyes

According to Stefanie Syat, a New York-based make up artist, this is a great option. As long as you use a natural product, this will work magic for your eyes. She says “a lipgloss will clog your pores, and will be pretty sticky,” so stick to the balms. Not only will your skin look amazing, it will thank you for the added moisture.

Beer for your hair

This is especially a great option for wash days when you want to clarify. Many of us curly heads love to co-wash, but we must remove the buildup every once in a while. “The alcohol removes any buildup that sits on the surface of the hair,” says Amy Mrkurnic, a senior colorist at Oscar Blondi salon in NYC. Post shampoo and towel dry, run a cup of the beer through you hair. Make sure to massage it in. For added effect, cover your strands with a plastic cap for five minutes.

Tape for eye makeup removal

If you are one to go all out or likes to “beat” your face, this may be the tip for you.”Glitter can be especially hard to remove, so tape does the trick,” says Syat.  If you want to try this trick, opt for the fabric tapes. They are more gentle on the very sensitive skin around the eyes.  If you are one to have skin issues or lots of allergic reactions, it’s probably best to just stick to regular make-up remover.

Ketchup color corrector

Have you ever tried to do your hair color at home and it turned out to be a complete disaster, with your hair looking like a dingy greenish color!? Well, apparently ketchup is the natural fix. Actress Sienna Miller swears by this! She said she did ketchup hair treatments for a year in order to counteract the green look she got after a bad color job.

Another option Amy Mrkurnic recommends is combining 90% rubbing alcohol with mineral oil. She says, “Make a three to one ratio of the alcohol with the mineral oil, mix together, and massage through your hair. Then, wrap your hair in plastic and apply heat for 10 minutes to fade any color.”

Kitty litter exfoliator

Many celebs swear by this! I know you are probably thinking like WHOA…NO WAY! Don’t knock it before you try it; there is a basis for its magic. This exfoliator is great if you have oily, dirty, large pored skin.  Unscented kitty litter is made of bentonite clay. This clay comes from volcanic ash and is especially rich in minerals  that work to detoxify your skin. What makes this exfoliator so great is that it’s inexpensive and can be created in your own home. 

Toothpaste pimple eliminator

Ever had a big event that you have been excited about for days, weeks and maybe even months? It never fails that at these moments your skin seems to want to “act up”. If you ever get a big whopping pimple the day of a special event, or just on any random day, try the toothpaste eliminator method. Take a white toothpaste and blot it on top of the pimple early in the day. The toothpaste is good for drying out the pimple so that it won’t be as inflamed. When it’s time to step out just use a little concealer to cover the remaining evidence of the blemish. Remember to wash your face with medicated soap so that you are cleansing the area. The toothpaste just works as a drying agent, but it isn’t resolving the underlying issue which is due to dirt and bacteria.

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