Welcome to Sizzling After 60 – Thriving at Every Stage of Your Life!

I’m Amy S. Hilliard and I turned 66 this year. That’s something to be proud of—and SO much better than the alternative!  People ask me all the time, “How do you do it? How do you look so young?’

I don’t have a magic bullet. Trust me, this thriving thing is a work in progress!
So, this blog is my story. It will be about what has worked for me, inspired me–and what didn’t.  Personally, professionally and everything in-between. I promise to be transparent, with the successes and the fails.  We’ve all had them! In fact, I’ve started this blog before…but life intervened.  No longer letting that happen!! I’m here for you–and for me!

I truly feel four beliefs have helped me through the ups and downs of every stage in life–and kept me smiling and standing:

Courage.  Resilience.  Reinvention.  Faith. 

Each one brings a level of strength to the process of pressing on…and finding ways to thrive while you do! Hey…I like to keep stepping it up. Ain’t rolling over until it’s over. And for me, taking care of yourself is not negotiable. Without health and wellness, it’s hard to be Courageous, Resilient and to pivot toward Reinvention– Faith is the secret sauce covering it all.

I’m so glad you stopped by to allow me to share tips I’ve learned about aging well. Because I’ve found through trial and error that YOU can control how well you age. It’s about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual mindset, priorities and activities that will determine how your body and your life will function as the calendar years go by.

But this blog will not be just about how to help your body age well. I will be sharing lessons learned along the way about thriving through the years as a young woman with dreams, a student, a corporate marketing executive, entrepreneur, wife, then single mother, caregiver daughter and always a friend.

As a native of Detroit, Michigan, graduate of Howard University, Harvard Business School, a former cheerleader, school athlete, dancer, exercise enthusiast and mother of