Common Vaccines and Who Should NOT Get Vaccinated (Full List)

Let’s be real, most of us remember getting a shot for chickenpox, measles or something like that when we were younger. It was usually told to us that the shot would prevent us from getting the disease and it was better for our overall health. But as we’ve grown older, and learned more about vaccines and the history surrounding them, many are a little suspicious of getting any type of vaccines now.

African Americans, who are being infected and killed by COVID-19 at a much higher rate than whites, are 40% less likely to get the flu shot vaccine, for example, a study out last year showed. Some suggest African Americans will be reluctant to get the coronavirus vaccine when one is released. A historical distrust of the health care system, which has far fewer physicians of color and a record of discrimination and mistreatment, gets much of the blame, experts say.

So in order for us to find out if vaccines are needed and who should or shouldn’t take them, we first must understand how they work.