#WhiteCoatWednesday: Paging Dr. Dre

#WhiteCoatWednesday is a weekly feature from BlackDoctor.org where we highlight doctors all over the world who are doing something awesome in medicine. This week, we honor Dr. Andrea Alexander.


Dr. Andrea Alexander is an OBGYN, a Howard Medical school graduate and all-around, down-to-earth woman. I guess that’s why so many people on social media and in real life can relate to her. “Dr. Dre” as she calls herself, shares tidbits of health and her journey as a doctor on her social media. Fans and patients alike get medical advice, health tips, and a good dose of laughter with her posts.

After a long day of surgery, Dr. Dre posted this:

“I LIVE for surgery surgery surgery! I looked back on myself this night, and I had to smile cause I see improvement in in this chick right here ????. And while I am NOWHERE where I want to be right now as far as knowledge, I can for sure say that I am humble to see how far I’ve come, and so thankful for my chiefs who have taught me so much and carried me through the abyss of residency thus far lol. I hope whoever and wherever in your journey you are, that you guys are HAPPY!!! Cause let me tell you, ain’t NOBODY got time to slave for a job they aren’t into when tomorrow ain’t promised. Keep pushin little grasshoppah!”

Dr. Dre even gives great healthy hair tips like this on her website:

Healthy Hair Conditioner

“This deep conditioner is great for my hair! If you try it and find that you don’t like it, just know that you may have to play with the ingredients, because regardless of hair type, all of these ingredients are good for hair in general, but your measurements might have to be adjusted for your hair type. For example, my hair LOVES olive oil and avocado, so I stock up on it in my vat, but if your hair loves coconut oil (as I will surmise is most of you given all the recent memes of infatuation and lust for its life), you may want to add more to your vat. Play around with it!”

“The ingredients below make 2 servings. I prefer this amount for two reasons: 1. If for some reason, I am feeling heavy…