Myths About Your Weight Loss Goals

    An illustration of various diet and weight loss tools, including a scale, bottle that says diet and a yellow tape measureAs you adjust your diet and try to work out a little more, there’s one little fact that you may not be thinking about: what you think you should you weigh may be a far harsher number than what you need to weight.

    Many weight loss experts agree that people subject themselves to weight myths that end up derailing their overall goals.

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    Myth: My ideal weight was my college weight.

    If you’re hoping to get back to what you weighed a few years ago, fine. But if you’re looking at 10 or more years down memory lane, stop. Many people put on weight as they get older, and a slower metabolism makes it all the harder to slim down as easily or as quickly as you did in the past. Don’t live in the past! Set a goal that works for the way you live now.

    Myth: My ideal weight can be found on a standard height and weight chart.

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