Malinda Williams’ Healthy Hair Secrets (She Gets It From Her Mama)

    Malinda Williams, best known from the drama series “Soul Food,” is one of those actresses who’s maintained her short crop for as long as many of us can remember. Even though her hair is consistently short, it can be styled in a variety of different, but always fabulous, ways.

    Having been branded one of the “entertainment industry’s most well respected actresses,” this busy mom actually colors, cuts and styles her very own hair!

    Having a beautician for a mother has its perks, but the largest benefit followed Malinda into her adult life: learning the importance of hair health.


    Here’s some great tips from the mother/daughter pair:

    “I learned from my mom how to be fabulous at every age!! My mom always changed her hair while remaining fresh, fabulous and always age appropriate.” —Malinda’s lesson learned from Beverly

    “A stressed mind can give you stressed hair.” —Beverly’s lesson learned from Malinda

    “Always consider your face shape, lifestyle and texture. You’ll get the most mileage out of styles and textures that enhance and showcase your natural assets. Stick with what works for you, not what is the trend of the moment. Everything isn’t for everybody.” —Malinda’s lesson learned from Beverly

    “Sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase.” —Beverly’s lesson learned from Malinda

    “Your hair is beautiful, but you are more than your hair. Never apologize for being smart AND beautiful. Choose both. My Mom and Dad taught us that.” —Malinda’s lesson learned from Beverly

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