How To Live With Chronic Pain

man red joint pain( — If you, like millions of other Americans, live with chronic pain, you are certainly not alone. Some studies have demonstrated that pain is widely undertreated by American doctors, and pain has a far-reaching impact on the life of any individual who must endure it.

Acute Pain: A Common Denominator

Most of us know what acute and sudden pain feels like. Perhaps you’ve broken your wrist while hiking, sprained an ankle on the tennis court, stepped on a nail, or had a heart attack from which you recovered. Pain is simply a series of neural signals that let us know that something has gone wrong and an injury has occurred to the body. Thanks to pain signals, we are instantly alerted to remove our hand from the hot stove or rush to treat that unexpected bee sting.

Chronic Pain: More Common Than We Know

Sometimes, acute pain can become chronic, like an acute spinal injury that causes a cascade of musculoskeletal and neurological problems that eventually lead to pain that cannot be relieved. Many forms of chronic pain develop insidiously over time, and an occasional uncomfortable physical nuisance gradually transforms into a life-altering condition.