Exercising With Allergies

African American Black Couple Working Out In Park On Grass(BlackDoctor.org) — Don’t let fall allergies force you into putting your outdoor workouts on hiatus. Instead, take the advice of allergist Neil Kao, MD, to keep your workouts strongs as you keep your allergy symptoms at bay.

With pollen and mold, the best approach is avoidance. Pollen and mold spore levels vary with location, time of day, and the weather, explains Gailen D. Marshall, MD, PhD, director of the division of allergy and clinical immunology at the University of Texas, Houston, Medical School.

Here are some handy tips to help keep your allergies under control while you’re trying to be active outside…

Don’t Forget Your Meds

“Begin taking your allergy medications at the start of the season,” Kao advises. That way, your immune system won’t have a chance to become activated by all the stuff you’re allergic to. “Most people wait until they can’t stand the symptoms any longer,” he says. “By that time, it’s like the house is already completely on fire—and there’s little chance you’ll be able to save it.”