Kendrick Lamar: “The One Thing I Will NEVER Do…”

    A profile photo of Kendrick LamarKendrick Lamar is in his own lane. From proclaiming to be the best rapper alive, to going against the norm and paying for a modest house cash instead of financing a multi-million dollar home like other rappers do, Kendrick seems to go left when others are going right. During an interview on The Arsenio Hall Show, Kendrick Lamar admitted an unfortunate life lesson that he learned growing up.

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    Kendrick opened up about growing up in a family that partied regularly, including substance use. Because of this, he doesn’t drink or do drugs, and wants to be an advocate for living drug-free. In addition, he is speaking out against the promotion of drug use in hip-hop music. The latest drug he’s focusing on is “Molly,” the dangerous drug that rappers are now speaking about to impressionable youth.

    Lamar says that he wants to tell the public that there are times when you can’t follow a trend just because it has become popular.

    “Sometimes you have the trends that’s not cool,” Kendrick says.

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