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    Dangerous Home Health Hazards You’d Never Even Suspect

    Boy Washing Dishes with FatherWhen it comes to the health of your home, what you don’t know may hurt you.  You may not be aware of the many potential health dangers lurking in your home sweet home.

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    Bacteria, viruses and other nasty little germs set up shop in some of the most obvious places that you may not be cleaning properly as well as in unsuspecting places. Even the cleanest of homes fall prey to many of these hidden health hazards.

    Your Kitchen Sponge

    Your kitchen sponge has about 20 million microbes of bacteria on it. And simply soaking it in bleach water will not get rid of them.

    What To Do: The best way to clean a dirty sponge is to microwave it on high for about one minute.

    Your Laundry

    Clothes should go in the washing machine dirty and come out clean, but if you’re using a public washing machine that may not be the case.  Some public machines spread germs such as viruses and hepatitis A when water temperatures aren’t hot enough.  Those left-behind germs can find their way to your clothes.

    What To Do: Wash your underwear and towels separately from your other laundry in bleach or color-safe bleach in hot water.

    Your Salt and Pepper Shakers

    When was the last time you gave your salt and pepper shakers a good cleaning? Chances are you can’t remember, and that means it’s been way too long.  You may remember picking up the salt and pepper shakers to give that raw chicken a dash and later sitting the germy little shakers in the middle of the dining table.

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