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    The Truth Behind Back Pain

    ( — Every single day, almost all of us put strain on our backs performing routine behaviors and motions. Over time, picking up your shoes the floor or throwing a bag over your shoulder won’t be so easy, and may be accompanied by some serious back pain.

    But with some awareness of how your daily tasks can affect your back, and a few simple changes, you can prevent yourself from suffering through one of the most common chronic pains.

    A firm mattress is best for your back…

    Myth. A superfirm mattress might actually be the source of your back problems.  A too-soft mattress won’t offer enough support for your back.  On the other hand, a rock-hard one can increase pressure on the spine. Trying to find a mattress to accommodate your back problem can seem like looking for a needle in the haystack.  If an expensive adjustable mattress isn’t an option, look into modifying your current mattress.  Consider buying a mattress pad to soften a too-firm mattress or a bed board to add some rigidity to one that’s too soft.

    Lifting heavy objects will strain your back…

    Myth. It’s not necessarily how much you lift, but how you lift that makes the difference. The proper form to avoid injury is to: keep your back straight, grab the object, bring it close to your body, and then stand. You should be lifting with your lower body muscles (thigh and butt).

    Back pain isn’t always caused by an injury…

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