Diet Secrets The Experts Want You To Know

couple in the kitchen preparing meal( — Most of us want to eat healthy, but with all the information around, it can be hard to know just how to go about it. But figuring out the way is as easy as asking yourself one simple question: “What would a dietician or nutritionist do?”

1. Have a good breakfast. As many times as we’ve all heard this, it’s still the truth. Experts recommend: whole-grain cereals, plus seasonal berries, in skim milk. Look for “whole grain,” not “multi grain” on cereal boxes; whole grains are healthier. Most experts also love old-fashioned, steel-cut rolled oats.

2. Eat seasonally. If you know what produce is in season, you can choose the fruits and vegetables that are freshest (and haven’t been trucked in from thousands of miles away.) If you’re craving a fruit or vegetable that isn’t in season, buy an equally healthy frozen version – without sauce, butter or sugar. Sorry.

3. Shop at the right time. Ask your supermarket when its produce is delivered, and shop then. Your vegetables will have a longer “shelf life.”

4. Savor your food. If you’re going to eat, sit down and enjoy it. Don’t pick at food while you’re rushing around the kitchen or dinner table. You’ll get the calories without the satisfaction, and it’s a bad example for children.