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    Trina Braxton: “Once I Did This, The Pounds Kept Falling Off”

    Trina Braxton wearing a black dressR&B singer,  actress and Braxton Family Values star Trina Braxton is looking absolutely amazing these days! Since just about everyone is in New Year’s resolution-mode, thought it’d be very “fitting” to ask Trina to share some of her top weight loss secrets.

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    BDO: Where are you right now in terms of your weight loss goals?
    TB: I gained almost 40 pounds. I went from 135 to 170 pounds. I am now at 146, with ten more to go. It was definitely a challenge!

    BDO: What’s your relationship with weight loss?
    TB: The scale and I used to be great friends…until I turned 35. Then, my stressors triggered my weight gain.

    BDO: What are some of those stressors?
    TB: My relationships, and being a mom to two teenagers.

    BDO: When did you realize that you wanted to lose weight? What was the catalyst?
    TB: I was skinny girl all my life. What made me realize I had to change was when I saw myself on the TV, and when the things in my closet didn’t fit. My sister literally called Weight Watchers for me and registered me.

    BDO: Did you stay with Weight Watchers?
    TB: No, I didn’t actually go.

    BDO: So what did you end up doing?
    TB: I took a hard look at what I needed to change about my lifestyle…at what my challenges were.

    BDO: And what were those challenges?
    TB: My challenges were going to the gym and eating differently. Before my weight loss journey, I was depriving myself, then overeating when I did indulge. When, at first, the scale didn’t change, I ate more because I was frustrated. I learned that sometimes inches are lost before you see numbers drop on the scale.

    BDO: So, how did you push through the challenges?
    TB: At first I thought, “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Maybe I’m meant to be this way.” But then, I just kept pushing through it. I also learned that water is your friend. Eventually, the pounds kept falling off.

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