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    6 Easy Ways To Prep For That Party!

    Simplify your life! Get glamorous in a hurry for your New Year’s Eve party with these fast and easy tricks for party-perfect skin, hair, and makeup.

    Show Off Those Legs

    Tights are ideal for the office, but not for a sexy night out. When it’s best to go bare, slather on a shimmering body oil. The shimmer helps conceal imperfections, and the reflective quality of the oil helps bounce light off skin, resulting in a healthy glow.

    Refresh Your Hairstyle

    Just in case you weren’t able to make that last-minute salon appointment, try one of these other quick, stylish solutions:

    • Secure a clip. Silver, sapphires, sparkles – oh my!
    • Slide on a headband. Position it one inch behind your hairline, not across the middle of your head.
    • Tie on an elastic or thin scarf. Choose an elastic band encrusted with jewels or stones. Avoid securing it at the crown, and tie it low at the nape for a sophisticated look. If opting for a scarf, use one that’s thin enough to still show your hair. Tie it an inch behind your hairline, and just let the loose strands flow.

    Fake a Good Night’s Sleep

    Not enough pillow time?  Hide it with these steps:

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