Tamar Braxton’s Family Health Values

Tamar Braxton loves her family. “Braxton Family Values,” the reality show that features her, her mom and sisters debuted at number one this past season. She and her husband, Vincent Herbert, chronicle their marriage on another WeTV reality show, “Tamar & Vince.”  And even now, Tamar is one of the co-host of the talk show, The Real. As the oftentimes outspoken Braxton, Tamar is not shy about her life, nor the love that she has for her family.

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The youngest and most outspoken of the Braxton’s six children, Tamar started singing as a toddler. Evelyn recognized her daughter’s talents when one day Tamar sang “Can you please get me some toilet paper!”  Tamar claims she knew as early as three years old that she wanted to be center stage.

Tamar’s husband Vince recovered from a pulmonary embolism (the same ailment that killed Mia Amber Davis and Heavy D) he suffered in November 2011. “He’s now walking, he’s not in a wheelchair,” explains Tamar. “We’re grateful. He’s probably the healthiest he’s ever been. He had a pulmonary embolism along with a lung attack – which is like the heart attack of the lungs. We’ve changed our lives. He exercises, he eats right. There are no longer sodas in our house. It’s been a lot for us to go through.”