Is A “Friends With Benefits” Relationship Healthy?

couple relaxing in bed

In the past few decades, sex has become more casual from the days when sex was only performed if two consenting adults were in a relationship that was leading towards marriage.  More and more people are choosing to hold off on tying the knot to explore their sexuality within non-traditional relationships, and the most common of these relationships is the “friends with benefits”  (FWB) scenario.  

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We all have heard stories over and over from family members, friends or random associates via social media who either gloat about how perfect their situations are or complain about the lack of commitment being rendered within this type of situation.  No matter what the condition may be, many are often lead to the doorstep of questioning whether a FWB relationship is at all healthy for a two person dynamic.  No one ever wants to be “friend zoned” when his or her desire is to be in a union with another, but many accept the friendship with benefits title in hopes of gaining something more in the future or simply with the intent of enjoying a commitment-free relationship with all of the benefits of one.