My Story: “My Doctor Said ‘Don’t Eat Anything White'”

caroline jhingory“Don’t eat anything white.”

That was the advice Caroline Jhingory received from her doctor a little over ten years ago. At the time, Caroline was 22 years-old and weighed over 300-pounds, a weight beyond dangerous for her 5’2″ frame.

Caroline was also diagnosed as pre-diabetic due to her high blood sugar levels and the dark blotches on her face and neck. When asked, she says she considers this period her “rock bottom.” It was at this point that she decided that she would make the rest of her life the best of her life.

For years, Caroline turned to food to cope with the physical and emotional abuse she endured as an adolescent, but after one trip to the doctor, she realized that something had to give. Caroline began her weight loss journey, taking on what she likes to called “a poor man’s diet”, which incorporated cutting out all white foods. She also had no money at the time to join a gym, so she ditched the bus and walked everywhere.