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    Love Come Down: Valentine’s Day Tips For Every Relationship


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    Even with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, there’s no need to skimp on the planning. Relationship expert Yanni Brown of Making Love Better shares her take on how to create a day that’s special for you and your partner.

    A Date Planned for Her

    If you’re planning a date for your wife or girlfriend, the most important thing is being in tune with what she likes. Brown says that it’s a woman’s dream to have her significant other give her what she’s mentioned in casual conversation.

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    “It’s not really hard to do,” Brown adds. “It’s just observing what she likes and then doing it.”

    If you’re not sure, it doesn’t hurt to ask. Brown says to just ask her what three things you can do to make Valentine’s Day special for her. Then, do at least one of those, and if you can do all three, you’ll likely get a few more brownie points.

    Don’t forget to set the scene when planning the night. Google ambiance, tables settings, or even go on Pinterest. Then, grab candles and massage oils — for example, Brown’s “His, Hers & Ours” massage candles — to add in physical touch.

    “Pull it up and just copy that idea, but be thoughtful of what she wants — not just what you see in the picture,” Brown says.

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    A Date Planned for Him

    Brown says that planning a date for male partners might require a slightly different strategy.

    “Men are a little bit different — they don’t really get into the day sometimes — but stroke his ego,” Brown says. “It’s about celebrating him.”

    To do that, you may need to ditch some of the more stereotypical Valentine’s Day activities and incorporate the things he loves.

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    “If he wants to go to a basketball game, go all out with tickets and then have a dessert waiting at home,” Brown says.

    After a day or evening out, Brown suggests that you end the evening with lingerie.

    “Women are emotional, but men are visual, so you want to make it more about the visual for him,” Brown says. “You’re talking to him in his love language, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

    Dates for New Couples and Celibate Couples

    Although new couples and those practicing celibacy aren’t ready for more intimate moments, they can still incorporate romance. Create the perfect movie night.

    “We all like movies, but you don’t have to have it late at night so you won’t be enticed,” Brown says.

    Make a date to meet in the afternoon or early evening, instead of late at night. Create an actual movie ticket to give your date as an invitation, and don’t forget to lay out all of the snacks you both like.

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    If you’re a brand new couple, you can use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to learn together. Consider something new that neither of you may have done before, like ice skating or taking a dance class.

    “I’m big on things that teach you how to be in a relationship,” Brown says. “And a dance class is perfect.”


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