#WeSeeYou: Woman Shares Her Journey To Lose 100 Pounds


(#WeSeeYou is BlackDoctor.org’s weekly series where we highlight those individuals and groups who are doing something great in health that needs to be shared with the world. This week, we feature the beautiful Lakeitha Duncan! Photo from Instagram)

According to her website, LaKeitha Duncan is a mother of three, a dream catcher, goal digger, and life lover. And from her posts on social media you can see it all over her smile. This beautiful woman continues to inspire and help women all over the country lose weight, get fit and live healtheir lifestyles. She knows all about it because she’s done it herself.

“I started my journey September 7, 2013,” explains LaKeitha on Instagram. “I weighed in at 280lbs.  I set a goal to lose 100lbs and I did that in one week shy of a year! I now weigh 165lbs.  There are no gimmicks or tricks to this.  I stuck to what I knew to be true… Eat right, drink water, move more… I’ve learned from starting out low-fat, to now being low carb.  Both work its just a matter of figuring out which one works best for you!”


On a recent Instagram post, LeKeitha broke it down a little bit more: