Bye, Bye Dry! 10 Hydrating Body Lotions

african american woman holding face creamDry, scaly skin? Bad case of “Ashy Larry?” Don’t fret. While the heat (or cold) can be a nightmare for your glowing dermis, smooth skin all year long is attainable! So, in the spirit of sexy, smooth, ultra-delicious skin – all summer long – we’ve compiled a list of our favorite body lotions, from the classics to the new kids on the block. For our 10 picks to treat your worst skin woes, keep scrolling…

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1. Aveeno Skin Relief Nourishing Coconut Lotion – The coconut scent of Aveeno’s lotion will take you on a tropical escape. Not to mention, the allergy tested formula contains soothing ingredients sure to nurture the itchiest, driest and most irritated skin.

$7.17, available at Walmart.

2. Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream – Chemical dye, lanolin, fragrance, paraben, and formaldehyde free, this no-frills lotion won’t irritate your skin. So feel free to drench yourself in it!