In The Bedroom: What To Do When It’s Not Just ED

couple in bed with issues( — A large percentage of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) also suffer from other sexual problems, a new study says.

The results show 65 percent of men with ED are unable to have an orgasm, and 58 percent have problems with ejaculation.

Approximately 30 million American men, or half of all men ages 40 to 70, have ED, or trouble achieving or sustaining an erection, the researchers said.

While medications may help some men maintain an erection, “our research suggests there are other common sexual issues that remain largely unaddressed,” said Dr. Darius Paduch, a urologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

“We must expand the definition of quality of life when it comes to sexual performance,” Paduch said. “For the last few decades, we have focused on penile rigidity, with erection as a synonym of normal sexual function. However, many patients say that problems with ejaculation — like decreased force or volume or decreased sensation of orgasm — are just as critical.”