Tisha Campbell-Martin: Overcoming Sarcoidosis One Day At A Time

tisha campbellActress Tisha Campbell-Martin, best known for her role on the ’90s comedy Martin and parts in urban cinema classics like House Party and School Daze, has been quietly fighting for her health. Tisha is and has been battling a health crisis after being diagnosed with Stage 2 sarcoidosis nearly 10 years ago.

What Is Sarcoidosis?

Sacoidosis is an inflammation of organs, according to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Though the disease can affect any organ in the body, it typically attacks the skin, lungs, or lymp nodes. Death can occur when complications arise in the lungs, heart, or brain, experts say. In the United States, sarcoidosis is more prevalent among African Americans, presenting 10 times more common in blacks, and occurring two times more frequently in black females than in black males.

A Winning Attitude

Though Campbell-Martin has reportedly been fighting the disease for nearly two decades, she only recently revealed more detailed information about her battle, as well as her ongoing commitment to her family and her dedication to healthy living. The star and mother-of-two, now 50, has adopted a routine of eating properly and working out twice a day, doing cardio, ab work and strength training, in the hopes that this winning attitude will help her overcome the same lung disease that was a contributing factor in the 2009 death of comedy great Bernie Mac.

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“Being in good health is really important to me,” says Campbell-Martin. “Right now, I’m battling a genetic lung disorder, which can go into remission. I’m trying to reverse it. I’ve only got one body and I really want to take care of it by working out and eating right.”

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“Tisha is in good spirits now, but when she was initially diagnosed, she was devastated,” according to a close family friend. “She was very worried about her health, but she’s also extremely concerned how this disease will impact her family.”duane and tisha

Campbell-Martin has been married to actor Duane Martin for over 20 years, although they announced they have filed for divorce this year. But determined to keep working, Tisha’s currently promoting the release of Lemonade Mouth, an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie about a group of teenage misfits who meet in detention and form a band. Getting back to her musical roots, Campbell-Martin plays Ms. Rezznick, a music teacher who inspires the kids.

“I’m strong and refuse to be discouraged or feel sorry for myself,” says Campbell-Martin. “You have to …

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