3 Healthy Ways to Get the Most Out Of Your Trips

Whether you are planning a local staycation, cross-country family getaway, or even an international excursion, for most Americans the summer and holiday months are full of travel. In fact more than half of Americans report that they intend to vacation in July, followed in quantity by August, June & September.

With so many of us on the go, it is easy to be thrown off of a regular schedule and routine when it comes to your health and self-care. From overindulging in cheat meals and poolside cookouts to skipping weeks in the gym, the pitfalls are everywhere. However, creating a few easy and healthy habits can help keep you on track while on the move.

Food Fueled Fun

Creating healthy eating habits before you embark on your vacation can be key to maintaining an effective self-care regimen while traveling. Like any habit, healthy eating habits only take about 21 days to develop, if you are dedicated.

Planning healthy meals, even while traveling, is key to sustaining progress made. Decisions, like stopping at grocery stores and fresh markets instead of fast food restaurants on road trips, or going to the vendor that sells salads in the airport versus the burger stand, can make or break your momentum.

In addition to making healthy meal choices, snacking is