4 Common Toxic Ingredients In Your Everyday Beauty Products & Safer Alternatives

Image: Unsplash

Okay, so here’s the thing. I know we often talk a good game of not consuming harmful ingredients in our everyday foods but have you taken a look at the back of the facial cleanser you use daily? Some of the deadliest ingredients can be found in something so simple as the lip balm you use 5 times a day.

Scary thought, however, it’s not too late to still make a change. Take a look at what’s lurking in your most coveted beauty products and safer alternatives you should consider below:

Coal Tar Dyes

What is it? It’s a common active ingredient in over the counter drug products. It is also known as biocides which are used to kill lice and get rid of dandruff.

Why should you be concerned? It also has allergens, immunotoxicity, carcinogen (cancer-causing), and organ system toxicity

What is this in? This can be found in hair products like hair dyes, shampoos, scalp treatments, lotions, soaps, and other cosmetics.

Alternative: Go for brands that are