Keisha Knight Pulliam: All Grown Up & Giving Back

Keisha Knight Pulliam is best known for her role on the long-running “Cosby Show” as Rudy Huxtable. The adorable Keisha is now a mid-thirties actress, entertainer and entrepreneur. She dishes on how she handles it all and keeps it all healthy.

Healthy Body & Hair
Keisha practices a low maintenance regiment and daily vitamin supplements, but this star says an overall healthy lifestyle, especially a diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables, keeps her hair growing long and strong. “My Vitamix [blender] is my favorite thing, ever. I love making smoothies at home. It really, really matters,” she says.

Because she exercises so often, Pulliam stays consistent with her hair washing routine. “My scalp is naturally very oily, so for my hair to be fresh and fluffy, I have to wash my hair about every four days,” she says. The starlet says she switches it up between shampoo brands like Joico and Pantene, always making sure to deep condition.

When she’s working out, Pulliam relies on heat-free styles like a chic side braid to get her through. “Tuesdays and Thursdays are my workout days. That way, if I want to enjoy my weekends, I can get my hair done on Thursday and it will be fresh for the weekend.”