Jiggle-Free Thighs In Record Time

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Flabby thighs got you down? Do they rub in all the wrong places? BDO’s Fitness Expert, Bridget Smith, shares
how to achieve slimmer, trimmer thighs in record time.

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Topping the list of body complaints for many of us are the inner and outer thighs. A lot of woman are prone to the high thigh drama because unfortunately, hormones and genetics tell our bodies how much fat to store and where to store it. The good news is we still have control over how much overall fat we carry, regardless of  where our genes tell that fat to go. The song that comes to mind and seems fitting, “Hit the road Jack, and don’t you come back no more!”

As you may know, spot reduction is merely a myth and if your body prefers to store fat in your thighs, it will take  focus, hard work and dedication to change them. Follow the below simple B360Fit Tips on how to get toned  and tight thighs fast.


Be A Cardio Queen
Get at least 45 – 60 minutes, three to five days per week. A combination of steady state and high intensity cardio will work to create a calorie deficit and in turn will help reduce overall body fat and slim down your thighs, such as:
-jumping jacks
-high knee walking in place
The shorter the session, the higher the intensity – think interval training like doing push-ups, then crunches, then jumping jacks, then burpees. Each one for only 45 seconds to one minute switching quickly to the next set. Make the most of your time you have to burn the most calories.

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Weight train
With the combination of compound and isolation moves, you’ll build fat burning muscle and give shape to those hard to…

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