Farm Raised Vs. Wild Caught: The Truth About Which Fish Is Healthiest

raw fishFiguring out which type of fish is healthier to consume – farm raised or wild caught – has left many feeling insecure or skeptical about the choices they make when going to the fish counter to make a purchase.  The answer to this question isn’t straight forward, as it has many parts that contribute to which is actually the healthier choice.

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Both farm-raised and wild-caught fish are low in saturated fat and high in omega-3 fats (“good” fats), but many often believe that wild-caught fish is healthier than farm raised because it comes from a natural source.  In reality, there isn’t much of a difference in the nutritional content of farm-raised and wild-caught fish.

For example, both wild-caught and farm-raised trout are identical in number of calories, protein and most nutrients, however, there are minor differences between the two. Wild-caught trout has more calcium and iron, whereas farm-raised trout hasmore vitamin A and selenium.