Big Daddy Kane: Hip Hop For Health

bdk2To this day, there are few emcees in hip-hop that can hold a candle to veteran MC, Big Daddy Kane’s, live show. A showman through and through, Kane doesn’t just walk around the stage back and forth as many hip-hop artist do nowadays. At the age of 45, the legend still looks younger than many of his peers and fans, and this might be why:

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“It’s all music,” Kane explains. “Marvin Gaye could go from ‘Got to Give It Up’ to ‘Let’s Get it On,’ James Brown could go from ‘The Big Payback’ to ‘This is a Man’s World.’ It’s all music; it’s about people respecting an art form. Once you appreciate an art form, you’re open to everything. If you have these tight ears that’s only trying to hear one thing, that’s where you’re gonna be stuck at.”


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