Sex After Celibacy: “Don’t Panic!”

dr. rachael ross headshotEvery year thousands of people will make the decision to abstain from sexual activity, whether it be for religious purposes, personal cleansing or based on personal desire. Throughout this period of celibacy, however, one rarely thinks about how inactivity can affect sexual organs and the sexual lives they hope to return to after the commitment.

With this thought in mind, I solicited the expertise of certified sexologist and family medicine physician Dr. Rachael Ross to explain the affects of celibacy on the genitals.

“Sometimes your genitals go to sleep if it’s been a while,” says Dr. Ross. “After periods of sexual inactivity, there tends to be a decrease in your sexual responsiveness.”  Some women complain about a lack of sexual desire, vaginal dryness and an inability to become aroused after experiencing extended periods of celibacy or abstinence.  As for men, erections may be difficult to maintain when fresh out of celibacy, but this is normal according to this sexologist.

“Don’t panic,” advises Dr. Ross. “If you are worried about this, then PRACTICE. Ladies, get out your mini massager or your rabbit; guys watch your favorite sexual video and get blood flowing to your genitals to remember what pleasure feels like.”

When blood flows to the genitals it brings with it oxygen that not only helps maintain healthy cellular growth within the genitals but it also heightens sensitivity.RELATED: Same Relationship, But Different Sex Drives: Can It Work?

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