Dolvett Quince: From Adoption & Abuse To The A-List

Dolvett3Dolvett Quince can be heard yelling, urging and coaching his clients on each season of the hit show, The Biggest Loser each week. Dolvett’s honest and down-to-earth persona quickly made him a fan favorite. The Stamford, Connecticut native has been a personal trainer for over twelve years. Some of his notable celebrity clients are Justin Bieber, Janet Jackson, Q100 host Bert Weiss, Boris Kodjoe, and Nicole Ari Parker. The life of the handsome trainer may seem all glitter and gold, but he had a hard childhood that gave him the backbone to be what he is today.

dolvett1When his father ran out on the family when Dolvett was just five years old, Quince says his mother spent so much time focused on getting him back that she neglected her children. He and his three siblings eventually found a home with a Jamaican couple, but all was not perfect. Their only source of discipline was through physical force.

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“My adoption was bittersweet, because I had parents who were loving enough to [adopt] four strangers,” he said. “That’s a beautiful story, however, they’re very old school with a ‘you spare the rod, you spoil the child’ sort of mentality. So they only knew what they knew– and that was to beat it out of me.”

The verbal, mental and physical abuse instilled serious self doubt into the teen, but eventually he found his own strength within — an asset he uses in his trainings today. “I’m only in the position that I’m in now because that experience gave me a voice at a very young age,” Dolvett said.

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Quince further revealed that while the physical and mental abuse destroyed him for several years, he was able to find…

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