Celebrity Fitness Trainer Dawn Strozier: You’ll Win If You Don’t Quit

Dawn StrozierDawn Strozier is one of the nation’s most requested health and wellness experts. A few reasons may be because of her ability to motivate, achieve desired results and develop customized corporate wellness, adult and youth training programs.

Her philosophy? “You’ll win, if you don’t quit.” Dawn gladly explained in a recent interview with BlackDoctor.org, “I actually apply that philosophy to my life on a daily basis. Whenever I feel like hitting the snooze button one more time or when I tell myself, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’  To not quit and push through each one of those scenarios gives me a small ‘win’. Each of those small ‘wins’ builds the momentum necessary to push through the big barriers in life. When I do that consistently I write my own history and create the habit of not quitting. Having that habit propels me and prepares me for the ‘Big Win’”.

Impressively, Dawn has not only trained celebrities – Steve Harvey and Kim Kimble for example – but she has also co-authored two books: Unleash The Leader Within You and Unleashing the Vision Within You. In addition to those feats, Dawn is the founder of The Fitness Kidz  – a youth-based fitness group that tours nationally performing high energy choreographed exercise and workout routines.

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Many people with fantastic bodies were unathletic at some point. Not Dawn. “For as long as I can remember, I have always been an athletic person. While in high school, I ran track, I was a cheerleader, a member of the dance fitness team and was even on the gymnastics squad. I completely immersed myself in anything involving athleticism.”

Most people are not involved in that many sports activities in high schools, and it makes me wonder if Dawn had enough time to study for classes! Although, her physical stature deemed her indestructible, she developed insecurities about herself just as many others do in their late teens. Want to know how Dawn eliminated those securities?


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