Myths About Plus Size Women & Yoga? Dianne Bondy Shares The Truth!

Not only do some people believe plus size women shouldn’t do yoga, but also that plus size women can’t – like, are physically unable to – do yoga, simply because of their size. It should go without saying that’s a complete lie, but sometimes you gotta play show and tell with folks because they just won’t believe it until they see it. In less than 60 seconds, acclaimed yogi Dianne Bondy sets the record straight in a video created by The Penningtons Blog.

Of course, the video is a stadium of seats for ignorant naysayers to have, but more important is that it is a beautiful work of inspiration and encouragement for plus size women who’ve been shamed from practicing yoga, never daring to step foot in a class because of what others might say or because of that quiet but ever-present critical voice in their head that believes maybe yoga isn’t for them.

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When Bondy posted the video to her Facebook page she wrote:

There was a time that I would have mortified to see my big body on film. I would criticize my weight, my size, my arms just everything! Today I am all about radical self- love. RADICAL SELF-ACCEPTANCE. I will no longer apologize for my body, for my size and for who I am. I stand in my power! I AM ENOUGH! I AM GOOD ENOUGH! Let’s stand up together! We are WORTHY

The video is part of Pennington’s new #iwontcompromise movement “that celebrates doing what we love, wearing what makes us feel good, and…