How Kevin Hart’s Dad’s Drug Abuse Inspired Him

Kevin Hart's brother, Robert Hart, Kevin, and Kevin Hart's Dad, Henry

Kevin Hart’s brother, Robert Hart, Kevin, and Kevin Hart’s Dad, Henry

It’s been said that every funny comedian has a dark side that they are trying to cover up.  For comedic legend Richard Pryor, it may have been his childhood being brought up in a brothel or his drug addiction. For Eddie Murphy, it could be his failed relationships.  But for funnyman Kevin Hart and his signature manic storytelling, it’s none of these–because he’s not trying to hide anything.  As a matter of fact, it is those sometimes crazy stories that are the most funny–and they are all true.

For most of Kevin’s fans, they remember the story on his blockbuster stand-up tour, Laugh At My Pain, where he talks about his dad insane drug habit.  On a recent interview, Kevin explained why his outlook on his unique and sometimes troubling childhood is different than most and why his dad is one of his favorite people now.

‘”My mom worked at the University of Pennsylvania as a computer analyst and my father was a drug addict,” explains Kevin. In fact his dad once stole $20 from Kevin to buy drugs when he was just six years old.

“From ages two through eight my dad did what he could before his addiction got out of hand and he disappeared,” Hart said. “The way I see it is things happen for a reason. If my dad had been around and didn’t do drugs, I may be handling my success differently. I may be on drugs; I may be searching for something.”