My Story: “If You Can’t Pronounce It, Don’t Eat It”

Brittani was like many of us when she went off to college: gaining a little weight here and there, and before you know it, you’ve gained at least 15 pounds.  But in Brittani’s case, she kept gaining until she ballooned up to 275 pounds at the young age of 25. It wasn’t until she noticed her denial that she started to change and get back healthy. In her own words, Brittani describes her journey to health below:

BDO: What made you decide to lose weight and get healthy?
Bri: Since I was 25 years old and fresh out of college I was working nonstop or traveling and of course eating and socially indulging in cocktails. I would notice a change in weight, but then found myself buying Nd wearing leggings because they tend to “grow with you”. So, I was in vast denial about my hazardous health. My initial wake up call was one day realizing that I was literally getting dressed in my kitchen because my home was full of Full length mirrors and that was my only escape because I hated what I saw in the mirror.


I decided the moment I became aware that I was getting dressed in my kitchen that I had to start somewhere , somehow on rebuilding my entire life. I began by creating a music playlist and forcing myself to walk 4 miles every day alone, then from that I lost 10 pounds. Shortly after, I joined Weight Watchers to teach myself how to choose foods, how to plan meals and to be prepared whenever, wherever I am. My first weigh in was 275 pounds at the age of 25. I would attend bootcamp classes in the area and I stuck with it. But I’ve switched my routine and physical trainers several times to continue to keep my body in shock in order to see the results.