Blast Belly Fat

fruit on a scaleAchieving and maintaining a flat stomach can seem almost impossible. Even if you workout regularly and watch what you eat, it can still be difficult to keep your waistline in check. Why, you ask? It’s because there are many factors that control your belly size—from the type of foods you eat, to the amount of stress you handle each day. But fear not! Keep reading to learn how to beat belly fat for good!

Small meals = Small belly: You know how you get a “food baby” after a huge meal? This happens because your stomach is built to expand and shrink as part of the digestive process. If you constantly eat over indulge at meal time, your stomach will remain expanded and appear larger. Eating small meals throughout the day is a double win: your stomach won’t poke out from being too full, and you’ll help reduce the urge to over eat at each meal. Try to keep your meals at around 400 – 500 calories with a small snack between meals to keep a flat belly all day long.

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Try some healthy fats: Not all fats are created equal, and not all fats are bad. While saturated and trans fats can cause you to pack on extra pounds, monounsaturated fats have been found to help reduce the fat around your waist! You can add monounsaturated fats to your diet with foods like olive oil, nuts, fish and even dark chocolate. Not only will your belly appear flatter, you’ll also improve your cholesterol levels and heart function!