What He Said: 5 Signs Your Boyfriend Will Never Marry You


**Please Note: “What He Said” is a series designed to get feedback directly from a male’s point of view. Thoughts and opinions of “What He Said” panelists do not necessarily reflect the views of BlackDoctor.org**

So, you’ve been dating awhile and you’re getting that itch. You’re thinking that he may propose any time now, but he hasn’t. But you’re going to give him time, right? Well, how much time? It’s important to know because he may not even propose at all. Yeah, I said it. How do I know? Because I was that guy.

I was the serial monogamous type of guy. I met ALL of my past women’s mothers and families–even my side pieces, because I was able to transform into the guy that they wanted. But I ended up letting them all go and married only one.

So now, I just go around the country trying to share with women what they could be doing wrong and what their men is REALLY thinking. No Steve

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