My Story: “Fat Occupies More Space Than Muscle”


You see weight loss every where you look: on commercials, TV shows, contests, the internet…everywhere. But how come most people don’t take the steps to see it in their own life. It took Renee “GetMadGetFit” Miller hearing that got diagnosed with diabetes, knew that she was already overweight, and a had a daughter who looked up to her to do something. And now hundreds are thanking her for being an inspiration to them.

A couple years and a ton of hard work later, Renee is healthy and living the fit life.  We sat down with her to find out how she did it.

BDO: Was there a defining moment as to when you decided to lose weight?

Renee: My defining moment was when I was told by my doctor that I was now diabetic! I’m already suffering from fibromyalgia, chronic migraines, neuropathy and to find out I have another battle to fight was too much to bare. Change needed to happen immediately.

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BDO: What was your biggest hurdle in trying to get and stay healthy?

Renee: My biggest hurdle is the daily pain I live with. The idea of having to move my limbs, to stay encouraged and motivated past the pain though every day is never the same. Many times exercise will just spark a migraine that disables me for hours or days. My recovery time is 10X longer than the average person. Most times, because of exercise I can’t move for days because of my condition.  Therefore the hurdle of having to get up and begin again can be emotionally tiring but I still keep going.


Renee went to describe perfectly about how most of us think about weight loss vs. fat loss and how we really need to think about it.

“On the Left 209 Pounds………………….. On the Right 209 Pounds. You’re not reading it wrong..You’re reading it right…The difference between the two, is that one is when I was fat…..the other is when I was Fit/thick….Understand that Fat occupies more space than Muscle….them weights will love and curve that body nicely…Look get you a measuring tape…and rely on that…The scale gives you a numeric value of your relationship with gravity…Focus on how you want your body to look not the numeric aspect of it”

BDO: Did your relationships change when friends/family saw you getting healthy?

Renee: My relationship with many of my friends and family changed indeed. Some changed for the good by supporting me through it all. Being in the gym with me, helping me drive when I cant. Then the others didn’t like my continual drive and efforts made daily, as I did not eat out anymore, nor eat on the go. Many wouldn’t invite me out because they knew I would not eat the food they were serving. Yet at that time being Diabetic was not a game. This is my life. But, I  have my Snack Bag that goes everywhere with me. It contains all my food I prepped throughout the week to keep me going and stay on track.

BDO: What are some of your guilty pleasure foods?

Renee: Pizza, Nachos, Lasagna (Mmmm!)