5 Healthy Tips For Busy Parents Like You!

Parents, now that school is back in session, your “To Do List” just got longer. You drop your kids off at school, you commute to work, and you return to school to be a chauffer to your kids. To add to the list, you spend 30 minutes or more waiting for them to be dismissed from practice or a club before you can head home to start on homework and dinner…Whew!

Now that you have less time for you, how will you stay healthy amid the back to school chaos? These helpful tips will keep you healthy while your kids keep you busy.

1. Keep It Moving 

If you’re stuck in your car waiting for your kids to be released from school or after-school practice, you can use this time to get a little exercise in. Take a walk in the parking lot or walk where your child is practicing (gym, football field, baseball diamond, etc.).

Getting in at least 30 minutes of exercise every day is beneficial for heart health, stress relief and