5 Millennial Black Leaders in Mental Health & Wellness

In my younger years, when I thought of mental health and wellness, I often thought it was something that older people had to worry about. Recognizing healthy mental conditions and looking at physical movements and food as medicine definitely never crossed my mind.

To be honest, my first recollection of paying attention to the word “wellness” didn’t come until I was well into my mid-twenties. For some reason, a light came on and I suddenly started to simply care.

I started to care about my environment, my skin, where my food came from, and why my “attitude” would get the best of me at times. I was led to mental health and wellness by curiosity. My only wish is that I found these gems sooner.

So, if you’re curious just like I was and still am, check out these 5 millennial black leaders in mental health and wellness. They’ll each give you a little bit of knowledge as well as inspiration along the way:

Image: Shelah Marie

Shelah Marie

A Florida-native, Shelah Marie is a