Has The Upcoming Election Put A Strain On Your Relationships?

2016 Trump Clinton presidential debate

2016 Presidential debate/Photo: Rick Wilking-Pool/Getty Images

I love politics, social media, and opinionated people, but the combination of all three can be disastrous. The current political climate is heating up, and people seem either very happy with the selection of front running candidates or thoroughly unimpressed with either. Needless to say, this situation is bringing out the worst in folks.

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Trump’s and Clinton’s polarizing differences are making people call it quits on their friendships according to a poll released a few weeks ago by Monmouth University. About 7 percent of the 800 pollers admitted to severing relationships due to differences on views toward the upcoming election.

I have to admit this doesn’t surprise me, and honestly, I feel like that number is probably higher. There hasn’t been an election to highlight more social and moral deficits in our government in decades, and people are openly voicing their opinions about it.

There are some who would say it’s mighty childish to end a friendship over one’s choice in voting, but there are others who would contend that one’s political views is a direct correlation to who they are as a person. I have read statuses and overheard conversations of people who have threatened to unfriend others because of their stance on issues, and with such a divisive election on the horizon it seems that hurt and upset feelings on social media are on the rise.

I personally enjoy seeing how my friends think and feel about the issues, and I am okay with us opposing on particular topics, but I can’t lie: some of the obnoxious rhetoric, uniformed statements, and socially exclusive and marginalizing opinions I have read have made me second guess a few of my friendships.

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