How To Stop A Cold In Its Tracks…Fast!

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Sore, itchy throat? Head full of thick gunk? Body aches got you stuck in fetal position? Chances are, you’re coming down with something – nasty!

Fortunately for you, the sudden onset of cold and flu-like symptoms such as: headache, chills, severe muscle aches, runny nose, fever, and profound fatigue don’t have to put a damper on your holiday shenanigans. Stop a cold in its tracks with five easy, affordable tips, sure to get the job done… fast!

1. Don’t overlook OTC meds.

While pain relievers like acetaminophen will fight off body aches, allergy medications, like Zyrtec and Benadryl, can help ease symptoms like runny nose and watery eyes. Meanwhile, more powerful allergy treatments containing decongestants (Claritin D or Alavert D), can aide in clearing your sinuses and keeping you alert – because we only have so many sick days.

2. Drink up.

Fluids are your friend! Not only do they keep you hydrated, but by drinking a glass of just about any fluid – with the exception of alcohol and coffee – you’re aiding your body in unclogging your nose and thinning out mucus, making it easier for you to blow or cough out. (Gross, yet effective – we know).

For those suffering from a sore throat, opt for…