How To Take Your Walk Or Jog To The Next Level

African American couple walking outsideTaking a walk or jog a few times a week can do wonders for your body, both inside and out. If you’re already going on regular walks and jogs, you know that your routine can boost your energy, help you breathe better, burn calories and even prevent diseases like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. With just a few tweaks to your normal routine, you can reap even more rewards from the same workout. Here’s how:

Get Uncomfortable

There’s nothing wrong with taking an easy stroll sometimes, but this is your workout! That means time to pick up the pace and get uncomfortable to get the most out of your hard work. Try the talking test to see how hard you’re working during your next sweat session. If you can hold a conversation with ease, then you can definitely push harder. Step up your pace until you’re slightly out of breath and it’s difficult to talk. Then, say hello to your new base pace.