How This Bachelor Worked Weight Loss Into His Budget…And Lost 85 Pounds!

Edouard Dorval Nutrisystem

Edouard Dorval lost 85 pounds with the help of Nutrisystem meals.

Dieting can involve lots of math: Counting calories, measuring portions in ounces, and calculating how many grams of carbs, fats and protein you can eat each day. But before he started on a journey that shed 85 pounds* from his frame, Edouard Dorval was worried about a different equation: Dollars and cents.

A bachelor, Edouard didn’t cook much, so using a plan with pre-measured, easy-to-prepare foods like Nutrisystem seemed like it would work with his lifestyle —something other diets and exercise programs had failed to do. But he wanted to be sure it worked with his budget, too. Diets like Nutrisystem, where food is delivered pre-prepared, often get labeled as “really expensive.” But Eduoard compared it to his normal eating, and the results surprised him.

“Compare the cost to what you are currently spending on food every day.” The results, he says, are likely to come out nearly identical.


With the plan on budget, Dorval felt free to get started. But it was another math problem that had inspired him in the first place: While at a water park with his then-girlfriend, the couple’s total weight was above the limits for many of the slides. And Dorval knew he was the reason.

Edouard Dorval Nutrisystem

He’d tried other programs before, but couldn’t make weight loss stick: “I tried all different things—intense workouts, cleanses, a weight loss program that has motivational meetings. Nothing worked. Then I tried Nutrisystem.”

The program worked for Eduoard, and it gave him more than just a new body. Dorval says he has…