Take The Survey: Your Doctor Or Your Smartphone? What’s The Best Source For Health Info?

female african american doctor with arms crossedNew study will examine how minorities learn about health

OAKLAND — The African American Wellness Project (AAWP) — a nonprofit focusing on minority health issues — has launched a landmark survey on health, information and the environment, looking at how we gather health information and what we do with it.

As the national discussion deepens over the future of health care, knowing whom we trust and how we get our facts is more vital than ever. More Americans are turning to the internet, smartphones and other digital sources to find out about health issues. Faced with demanding patient schedules — as well as privacy concerns — health providers are continually challenged to provide adequate health information. Who or what fills the void between the public, the professional and the personal? Finding answers is especially critical for ethnic minorities, who suffer the most from health inequities and disparities.

And finding answers depends on participation. We’re counting on you. Those who wish to participate may log on from their computer or smartphone and take this brief survey. (Paper surveys are also available by request.) The questions should take less than seven minutes to complete.

Click here to begin:

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